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family sailing Croatia

Family sailing in Croatia

They say a happy family equals a happy life, and what’s better to make your family happy than taking them on a cruise of the Adriatic. Charter a family sailing trip in Croatia with chartercroatia.net…

telascica bay sailing

Telašćica bay sailing

In today’s post, we chose to describe Telašćica bay sailing and all that it has to offer because we feel a bay like this deserves its own article. Getting there is simple with chartercroatia.net, you just book a yacht from Zadar and enjoy the cruise.

ždrilci bay

Ždrilci Bay Pakleni Islands

Pakleni Islands make for a perfect yacht charter destination!  In today’s edition of the blog, we’ll be presenting Ždrilci, a small bay located in the west part of the Marinkovac Island.

dufour 512 GL charter croatia

Dufour 512 GL – the Grand style!

There are sailboats, and then there are sailing yachts. This one is definitely among the latter, as Dufour 512 GL brings the words “sailing” and “luxury” a bit closer together.  Dufour 512 Grande large is a new, 2017 sailboat available for charter in Croatia with chartercroatia.net.

top 10 photos of croatia

Top 10 photos of Croatia !

Our small country hides tons of amazing places! Yacht charter Croatia, and Adriatic sailing uncovers some of them, and provides you with plenty of unforgettable experiences. So, in order to bring Croatia closer to any “would be” sailor, we’ve decided to put together a list of the best Croatian postcards. Top 10 photos of Croatia!

croatia island landmarks

Croatian island landmarks!

Croatia is the ultimate holiday destination! That’s why yacht charter in Croatia is getting so popular. There are many well-known cultural landmarks on the coast, but the islands hide some beautiful culture as well. In today’s article, we’ll get to know the Croatian island cultural landmarks. Here are a few of the most popular, and worth mentioning in a short article, enjoy!

croatian aquatic wildlife

3 creatures you may encounter sailing Croatia!

Croatian part of the Adriatic is truly full of life! There are 7000 species living in the Adriatic. Thankfully (for every swimmer), dangerous sharks are not among the 7000, so you can calmly take a swim, or a dive whenever you like! There are however fish, cephalopods, crustaceans, mammals, and more…

top 5 islands Croatia

Top 5 islands in Croatia!

Summer is getting dangerously close, and with it a fresh chance to experience a new Croatian adventure! You can still charter a yacht in Croatia with chartercroatia.net and have a time of your life exploring the wonders of the Adriatic. Just contact us or browse our online catalogue, check availability in the realtime search engine, and book online!

4 clicks to a yacht charter

Yacht charter Croatia online booking available NOW!

So you’ve made up your mind about sailing Croatia this summer? Perfect! You’re in for a treat, especially with CharterCroatia.net!The next thing to do is to find and charter a yacht that fits your needs. Sure, you can contact us anytime but you can also follow the Yacht Charter Croatia Online booking guide! Follow the 4 simple steps and hire a yacht in just 4 clicks !

gulet charter croatia pros and cons

Try something different, charter a gulet!

As you already may or may not know, gulet is a traditional vessel, almost always made of wood, and used mostly in the Mediterranean for tourism purposes! Gulets are a very popular yacht charter in Croatia, and there are a lot of reasons why….

sailing croatia

5 things you didn’t know about sailing Croatia

There are a lot of great things you may have heard about Croatia. Perhaps the amazing clear blue of its sea, over a 1000 islands, amazing food, culture, people, and an incredible sailing experience. All of these are true, but there are a lot of things about Croatia you probably didn’t know. In today’s article we give you the top 5 facts about sailing and yacht charter Croatia you probably never knew…

Stari Grad sailing

Stari Grad – 2400 years of sailing!

Stari Grad is a relatively small port town located on the Hvar Island in Croatia, with 2781 (including the surrounding settelments) residents throughout the year.  This large calm bay is perfect for Sailing and yacht charter in Croatia, and the town it self stands for 2400 years as the oldest town in Croatia! Find out more about Stari Grad…

Split sailing route

Split sailing route – 7 days of Dalmatia with Dufour 460 GL

There are a few truly amazing experiences in life, available only if you look in the right places. Split sailing and sailing Dalmatia in general are among the few! Split – Split sailing route is a great choice for your sailing holiday, as you can visit all of the islands mentioned above, and enjoy the many things they have to offer.  We also chose the perfect yacht for the trip, Dufour 460 GL!

easter sailing

Easter sailing in Croatia

Why should you consider Easter sailing in Croatia? Warm weather, perfect sailing experience, numerous activities, and a better chance to explore Croatian culture, try out our food, and get to know our customs! Most of all, absolutely NO CROWDS!  Still need a reason to come? How about lower prices and a better choice of boats for rental?


The 5 Best Beaches in Croatia!

The beauty of yacht charter is the access to some of the most secluded, even more beautiful beaches, and bays, most don’t have a chance to visit. That’s why chartercroatia.net decided to make a list of the best beaches to visit while sailing in Croatia.You can sail to all of the beaches on our list by chartering a yacht with chartercroatia.net! Contact us and we’ll find the best offer for you!

cooking aboard a yacht

Cooking aboard a yacht – tips for cooking on a boat

When cooking on a boat you don’t have the luxury of stability. Even though modern boat design of the models in our offer brings you the best possible stability, you’re still on the water, and this makes it a bit shaky. So always keep a clean surface, put away any utensils, and other cooking equipment you don’t need, especially sharp knives and similar items. A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen, this is particularly true on a yacht.


Palagruza, an isolated sailing mystery!

Far away in the open Adriatic, in the furthest in-sea point of Croatia, lies Palagruza, few small islands, with a lighthouse. At first glance this lonely island doesn’t seem like much, but it has plenty of wonderful secrets. For all those sailors who seek peace and quiet, or adventure, Palarguža is perhaps the best Croatia has to offer. Charter Croatia, brings you one step closer to Palagruža with your crewed or bareboat sailboat, catamaran, gullet, or motor yacht charter.

lagoon 42

Boat presentation: Lagoon 42

Lagoon 42 offers an excellent sailing performance for your most comfortable sailing experience. It is a very comfortable, spacious and above all stable boat and thus is a perfect option for non experienced sailors. This sailing catamaran has 4 guest cabins and can comfortably accommodate 8 persons. All the cabins are modernly furnished and equipped up to the latest charter trends. The boat’s saloon is convertible so it can set to 2 additional berths if needed.


How to book a boat from Zadar Croatia?

Have you ever booked a boat from Zadar? If not we highly recommend to consider about doing it for so many reasons. The main reason is definitely the possibility of exploring the beautiful islands of Zadar archipelago like Ist, Iz, Molat, Olib, Silba that offer so many possibilities for sailors and are true sailing haven. The Zadar archipelago consist of hundreds of islands most of which are not inhabited.

mouring and anchoring Croatia

Mooring or anchoring?

One of the most common confusions and doubts for many boaters coming to Croatia for the 1st time is connected with the options of mooring in Croatia. Not many of them know that berth in marinas  especially in ACI marinas are the most expensive option while berth on a pier in some ports or mooring on a buoys in certain anchorages are significantly cheaper options. Not to mention that there are lot of beautiful bays with the possibility of free anchoring without paying any fee.

celebrity yachting Croatia

Celebrity Yachting – 5 stars in love with Croatia!

Croatia is a simple, but beautiful place. The people are laid back, relaxed, the surroundings are amazing just about anywhere you go, and most of all there’s no media following you everywhere you go. That’s right, I’m talking about celebrities. Famous people staying in Croatia are something of a trend, but never more so than in the recent decade.

Blue cave

Blue Cave an aquamarine paradise!

Sailling around Bisevo, you’re sure to notice its high rocky cliffs, ideal for jumping of, if you’re an adrenaline addict. Upon closer look at the rocks you’ll see an opening, a door of a sort to a different, slightly alien, but nevertheless beautiful world. That door grants entrance to a Blue cave, or a Blue grotto! With a short dive you enter a world of marine blue, with an larger than life play of light’s and shadows…


Charter Lagoon 400 and discover beautiful Kornati sailing area!

The Lagoon 400 is one of the most popular sailing catamarans available for charter in Croatia. It is a very comfortable and spacious catamaran meant for you ultimate sailing experience. Lagoon 400 has 4 guests cabins each with private toilette plus two additional crew cabins. It can comfortably accommodate 8 guests and 2 crew members. Crew cabins are seperated so the guests can enjoy complete privacy on board.

Fishng and Sailing

Fishing and Sailing

If you decide to charter a yacht of any type in Croatia, you’re in for a treat. There are numerous Islands, to explore, beautiful nature, bays, beaches, ports, and awe inspiring old cities. But the absolute best thing about Croatia is its crystal clear Adriatic Sea.If you’re a passionate fisherman, or even someone who’d like to try his/ hers hand in catching a trophy while on a sailing trip, you can do it with Charter Croatia. Provided, of course, you have a fishing permit!

lagoon 450 za blog

Boat presentation: Lagoon 450

Sailing catamaran Lagoon 450 is one of the most popular and most wanted catamaran available for booking in Croatia. This catamaran is best option to book, it is so fascinating and desireable that very often is very difficult to find an available week to book. So if you wish strongly to enjoy abroad this catamaran for the next summer we suggest booking it very much in advance at least 6 months before the desired charter period.

puppy sailing

Bring your pet on a sailing trip in Croatia!

All those in love with their pets and who don’t wish to leave it a home when going on vacation in beautiful Croatia have one important question – can I bring my pet on a sailing holiday in Croatia? The answer is always very simple and easy – Yes, of course you can bring your pet on board a sailing boat. Pets are very wellcome in almost every marina and every charter company in Croatia.

Rent a Sup Croatia

Rent a Stand Up Paddle board for your sailing holiday in Croatia!

Imagine, getting up in the morning on a sailboat, hopping on a sup, and paddling to the shore to explore. Even better, if you’re on a holiday with your kids, imagine their faces when they see their very own  big surfboard. SUP yoga is also a thing you can do. The possibilities are endless!All of this and more is why Charter Croatia decided to offer a SUP, and make it available for rental with any type of yacht charter in Croatia.


Soline bay, a great place for an active sailing holiday!

Chartering a yacht with chartercroatia.net, and Sailing Croatia offers a visit to numerous beautiful bays, ports, and beaches. Soline bay is one of those beautiful bays located in the northern part of the Dalmatian Island Hvar, just outside the town of Vrbovska.  The beautiful Soline is actually a peninsula opening to the north and south side of the island, acting like a natural breakwater, and offering a shelter from the wind.

Top 3 bays to visit while sailing Pakleni Islands

Pakleni or Paklinski Islands”, are a group of small islands located in the Pakleni channel. They are situated only a few 100 meters outside the city of Hvar, a world known luxury tourist destination on the island of the same name. Pakleni, a limestone paradise, are named after a type of pine resin, traditionally used in boat building. The islands are a Croatian “nature monument”, uninhabited most of the year, while a popular tourist destination in the summer.

Autumn Sailing

Sailing in autumn – yes please!

Croatian coast is beautiful all year round but there is something special to feel around autumn atmosphere on the Croatia coast! It is already well known that autumn in Croatian coast is as beautiful as in the the summer, it not even better… The weather is wonderful and warm, temperatures are around 30 degrees, and the sea is still nice and warm to swimm, the beaches are much less crowded and so are the cities you visit. And the wind…. oh the wind is just perfect for sailing…

yacht charter services

We provide all services for your yacht charter holiday!

CharterCroatia.net employees will gladly assist you with organizing all kind of activities requested to make your sailing holidays careless and enjoyable. Whether you may need a transfer from the local Airport to the departure marina, a reservation of a mooring place in desired marina or delivery of food to your boat we are always available. We are trying to make  your sailing trip successful & unforgettable.

Boat inventories

Here is what every captain should know! He should know the boat! Know where everything is on the boat and how is it functioning.
Know how to navigate and use a GPS, make trip reports and emergency calls on the radio.
This will make you feel part of the whole experience, and much safer.
There is very little variation in what you would find on board a boat available for charter in Croatia.


Top 5 places to visit while sailing Vis

The island of Vis is also known as sailing paradise. This beautiful island is an inevitable destination for all yachtsmen exploring the Split sailing area. Vis is an important part of all the sailing itineraries from Split or nearby marinas.
Top 5 places we recommend to visit are the town of Vis, Komiža port, Porat bay (Bisevo), Stiniva bay and Budihovac.


Discover bay Skrivena Luka on the island of Lastovo

The bay Skrivena Luka (meaning hidden bay) is a naturally protected harbour and can not be seen from the open sea. This bay is also also known as „Portorus“ and is one of the biggest and the most beautiful bays on the island of Lastovo. Skrivena Luka bay is located on the southern part of the island and is protected from the rough sea and strong winds.


Boarding and disembarking – charter in Croatia

According to the charter contract the official embarkation time for the majority of charter companies in Croatia is from 17.00 while disembarkation should be on the next Satrday until 08.00 or 09.00 in the morning. Many charter companies will give their best to prepare a boat even earlier if you had informed them before that You will be coming in the marina before 17.00.


Children on board the yacht

There is no reason why children shouldn’t join any sailing holiday in Croatia with their parents. So if you decide to take Your children to the sailing adventure You should bear in mind that children will have different aspirations than you. Floating around for many hours may be a great option for You and may give you plenty of time to read your favourite book but most children will expect to have more active holidays!


New marina in Trogir – SCT

Newly opened SCT Marina Trogir, due to its position in Middle Dalmatia, is easily accessible weather you are coming by plane, car or ferry and represents an ideal starting point to one of the most interesting and most popular sailing areas in Croatia – Split charter region. This part of Croatian coast is particularly beautiful offering the ideal combination of beautiful islands, places, bays and beaches.

Attractive bays-1-Stiniva

Boat rental – costs

You’ve just made ​​the decision that you want to spend your holidays differently previous years? You have just decided to spend seven unforgettable days enjoying the benefits and beauty of the Croatian coast and try the unique experience of sailing? The first thing You start to think about onc the decision has been made is the price of the charter. Can I afford this?