Croatia is the ultimate holiday destination! This fact is becoming more known by the day. That’s why yacht charter in Croatia is getting so popular. With the beaches that can match the Caribbean, and all the “exotic qualities” that can stand side by side with France, Spain, Italy, and Greece. All this in a small country where the Mediterranean “spirit” still lives in its people, nature, and landmarks.

When chartering a yacht in Croatia, You’ll sail some of our Islands. It’s good to get acquainted with the local offer, so we at do our best to provide you with the most info. There are many well-known cultural landmarks on the coast, but the islands hide some beautiful culture as well. In today’s article, we’ll get to know the Croatian island cultural landmarks. Here are a few of the most popular, and worth mentioning in a short article, enjoy!

Korcula old town

The small but wonderful city of Korcula hides plenty of awe inspiring landmarks. Often called the small Dubrovnik, or the city of Culture this little town has a lot to offer! First of all there’s a unique fish bone shape of the streets in a city with stone walls on all sides. Marco Polo, a world known adventurer was born here, and guess what, you can visit his House! A beautiful St. Marks cathedral is definitely worth seeing!

Upon entering the old city, you pass a beautiful stairwell, and a tower. There are a couple of those around Korcula’s walls… Tower Zakerjan (Berim) dates back to the 15th century, when it was built under the rule of the Venetian doge Giovanni Mocenigo. Today a tower is a famous café and tourist attraction, as you can have a refreshing drink on the sunbathed terrace.

Hvar fort, and Stari Grad

Next, we raise our sails and enter the port of Hvar. This is the capital of the island (sort of), with plenty landmarks to offer. One of the most known is definitely the fort on a hill above Hvar. The “Fortica Spanjola” as it’s called was used for defense in Hvar. Today it stands as a reminder of Hvar’s rough history, and a beautiful stone landmark for all to enjoy!

Only a short sail from Hvar we enter the beautiful port of Stari Grad. This town is a landmark itself, as it’s the oldest city in Croatia, celebrating its 2400th birthday this year. From the summer house/castle of the famous Croatian writer Petar Hektorovic, to the amazing Greek plain just outside the city, Stari Grad never ceases to amaze. Read more about Stari Grad in this article!

Pag salt and stone

Pag is known by many things, but food and culture are perhaps the best of its qualities!  Pag is surrounded by the remains of the stone walls that were a defense mechanism for the nearby salt plains. But the salt plains are the landmark which describes Pag’s history the best. Salt was Pag’s source of income for years and still is today, but the flats make for a great tourist attraction. England may have the prime meridian, but Croatia has the 15. Yes, and it runs through Pag!

Pag is also filled with drywalls, which built as borders between pastures. There are 1000 km of drywalls on Pag which is really a sight to see!

The Adriatic is masterpiece of sun, stone and sea. All of these are essential ingredients for a sometimes harsh, but also beautiful environment available for everyone to experience. There are many more island landmarks in Croatia for you to explore, Contact us for all additional information about the Croatian islands, as well as all inquiries, and of course yacht charter!

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