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Dubrovnik is a city in the southernmost part of Croatia, Administrative center of the region (Dubrovnik-Neretva County), and the most popular tourist destination in Croatia. Historically, Dubrovnik has a huge significance for Croatia, as a commerce center, and a port trough out its history. Dubrovnik was its own republic, or Republic of Ragusa, “Ragusa” being a historical Dalmatian and Latin name for the city. The Town shined the brightest during the 15th and 16th centuries when, boosted by a highly developed maritime trade, and diplomacy, it achieved a high level of development, both in structural and cultural sense. The luxurious nature of Dubrovnik, makes it a “magnet” for celebrities, so it’s not unusual to spot a movie star walking around on your visit. This Iconic Croatian city, and its famous landmarks, are used as a filming site for King’s Landing, from the Fictional HBO hit show Game of Thrones.


Rogoznica is a small, but very popular tourist destination on the Croatian coast, more specifficaly on the coast of the beautiful region of Dalmatia.It lies in the most southern part of the Sibenik- Knin county, making it relatively close to some of the biggest Dalmatian towns, namely Sibenik, which is also among the charter destinations on our website. It is so close, in fact (30km) that its somethimes given the prefix “Šibenska” to its name, which means part of or belongs to Šibenik.

The 54 kilometers of Rogoznica’s shore offer plenty activities for you to enjoy. As in almost any Dalmatian town you can eat some of our world famous food, enjoy the beautiful Croatian ethnic music, or play in the beautiful sea.

Perhaps the most famous sight in Rogoznica is its Dragon eye, a lake almost in the city where the most adventurous visitors dive from the high stones into the water.

There’ a famous, amazing and mysterious Point Planka, which is the point of Rogoznica that reaches the furthest into the sea. Lastly, there’s an underwater museum, available to anyone who is not afraid to dive in and see it.


Rogoznica offers a beautiful sailing and all around yachting experience. Sailing first, because it is famously a place where the climates collide, and offer plenty of winds all year long. Rogoznica has long been a famous tourist destination, first and foremost to sailors because of its position in a region most saturated with islands and bays in Croatia.

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About Dubrovnik

Today, Dubrovnik is a strong Tourist destination, with a huge number of tourists visiting every year. Best known sites in Dubrovnik are Its walls and forts, used for the defense of the city in its Renaissance days. One of the highlights is the Sponza Palace, a 16th century relic, used as storage of National Archives. Certainly the most known site in Dubrovnik, are its walls.


Thick walls, 2 kilometers (1.24mi) in length are perfectly kept, and maintained for tourists to experience this Mediterranean gem as it was in its glory days.

Stradun, a famous street inside the city walls and the St. Blasius Church and Square are the absolute must to see in Dubrovnik. St. Blasius, or “Vlaho” is the Patron Saint of the City, and a symbol of Dubrovnik’s Catholic culture, and history, celebrated 03.02. Dubrovnik, and the celebration of its patron saint, are listed in UNESCO

Nautical world

Dubrovnik is widely known as a yacht destination. As a part of Dalmatia, it’s crystal clear waters, many islands, and beautiful coastal scenery, make it perfect for a charter destination.Visit Korčula, and the Mljet national park! See the second largest walls in the world and eat the best seafood in Ston!

With over 70 000 guests, charter is a strong component in Dubrovnik tourist structure. In Dubrovnik, it’s possible to hire a great number of boats, at any size, and a wide range of prices.