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The central part of the city and the most famous monument that features on most Split postcards is Diocletian Palace. Diocletian Palace is the best preserved late antique example of Roman architecture from the 4th century and as such is unique in the world. The Diocletian Palace has been under the protection of UNESCO since the year 1979 not only because of it’s great preservation but because of the fact that people actually still live inside the Palace.

Many do not know that the city of Split arose from this palace which today has a rich tradition, glorious history and the beauty of natural and cultural heritage. Inside the Palace one should not miss to visit the famoues square Peristil, The Cathedral and it’s Tower which you can climb to the top of for splendid views and the cellar of the Palace where some of the scenes of the popular series Game of Thrones were filmed.

Explore Split

The historical city of Split is the second largest city in Croatia and a very popular Croatian charter destination. Split is the administrative and cultural centre of the whole region of Dalmatia and offer to it’s guests plenty of attractions to see and do.

About Split

City of Split is much more than just a magnificent architectural scenery. It is a city that offers unique possibility of enjoying the top gastronomy and wines and where one can partecipate in numerous cultural events such as film and theater festivals and exhibitions.

While visiting the city of Split one can have fun in many clubs and bars across the street and along main promenade called „riva“ or partecipate in many events or festivals among which the most popular is surely Ultra Europe that is visited by hundred of thousand young people from all over the world.

Nautical industry

Another popular activity that one can experience while visiting Split is chartering a boat. The city of Split has wide offer of boats available for charter. These boats come in many sizes, ranging from the smallest 7-meter long vessels up to 30 meters long air-conditioned vessels with every possible comfort and luxury. All type of boats are available from Split including sailing boats, catamarans, motor yacht and gulets.