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Early booking deals for 2021 summer season And another summer season is over… Despite a very strange season we are more than happy with the results we achieved and a great number of happy guests who experienced all …

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Sailing Croatia yacht charter

Sailing areas in Croatia

Croatia is one of the favorite charter destinations for many yachtsmen, known also as a sailing paradise. It is famous for its incredible natural beauty, indented coastline, favorable winds and the hospitality of its people.

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best choice of boats Croatia

The best Choice of boats in Croatia

Croatia is a world famous destination when it comes to nautical tourism! With the biggest choice of boats in Croatia, is the place to go if you’re looking for a boar rent, and sailing in Croatia.

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In we are true lovers of everything with taste, color and sound of the sea! We are always working hard to recommend the best destinations, boats, navigation resources and itineraries... All this and more can be found in our blog posts.

family sailing Croatia

Family sailing in Croatia

They say a happy family equals a happy life, and what’s better to make your family happy than taking them on a cruise of the Adriatic. Charter a family sailing trip in Croatia with…

telascica bay sailing

Telašćica bay sailing

In today’s post, we chose to describe Telašćica bay sailing and all that it has to offer because we feel a bay like this deserves its own article. Getting there is simple with, you just book a yacht from Zadar and enjoy the cruise.