Hire a yacht in Zadar, heart of Croatia


Zadar is a Croatian city, located in the northern part of Dalmatia which is according to most the most beautiful province in the country. Zadar is an administrative center of the county with the same name. The city itself is one of the big Croatian cities, with over 71000 residents, and a well-known tourist center.


About Zadar

Needless to say it is, as all Dalmatian cities filled with sights. You can, for example visit the famous Church of St.  Donatus, othe Zadar Chatedral, and be amazed by the beauty of the Croatian grand architecture.

You can experience isolation at the small island of Osiljak with population of only 29 people. One of the most famous sights is the somewhat mysterious sea organ built to create beautiful relaxing sound out of the power of the waves. Greet the sun in a special Zadar manifestation!

Explore nature on sailing yacht!

Zadar, and its beautiful archipelago, its history and sights is a tourist magnet of a kind, and a must when visiting Croatia. It’s also a transit city, due to its position in the “center” of coastal Croatia, so it’s easily accessible by car, plane or boat. 

On the outside of Zadar you can sail to Telascica, where the seawater forms an island lake and a beautiful bay opening to stone cliffs on the other side. This bay is one of Croatia’s many natural wonders and a natural park of Croatia!

Start your sailing trip from Zadar

If you decide to start your charter journey from Zadar you will not be disappointed. Zadar is one of the best charter destinations in the world. With charter Croatia you can charter a bareboat or a crewed sailboatcatamaran or gulet or motor yacht, from Zadar.

Experience the clear waters, snorkel and see the peaceful fascinating sea life, gaze upon the beauty of its archipelago and eat the best food in the world! Have the absolute best time of your lifetime chartering a boat in Zadar.

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