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An exceptional position, a well indented coast and the vicinity of islands especially the Kornati islands, the largest marina on the Adriatic situated in the natural bay “Zlatna luka”, have made Sukošan a real paradise for sailors.

Marina “Dalmacija” is located in Sukošan in a beautiful, naturally protected bay „Zlatna luka“ which has been known for centuries as a safe place for ships during storms. It lies 7 km south of the old city of Zadar. It is easy accessible by road and by sea and from the Zadar airport it’s only 5 km away. Zadar is daily connected with shipping and ferry lines to Ancona on the Italian coast, as well as to other places along the Adriatic and the islands. With an ideal position in the middle of the well indented coast close to numerous Dalmatian islands making this coast so special, the Marina opens the door to the most attractive area for cruising.

Marina “Dalmacija” has 1200 berths afloat each with connection to water and electricity and 500 berths ashore. Thanks to the depth of the sea and specious berths equipped according to international standards, the Marina provides accommodation for yachts of 55 m of length. To ensure a pleasant stay, the Marina offers, besides friendly personnel and receptionists and the possibility of Internet connection, also a laundry service, a big guarded open parking lot, and a well supplied store, café bars, a restaurant and a beach. A mild Mediterranean climate with predictable winds favourable for sailing attracts sailors from around the world who in permanent regattas make the Marina look alive the whole year round.

The reception of Marina “Dalmacija” is open throughout the year. The working hours are adjusted to the duration of the nautical season and in high season the reception is open from 08-21 o’clock. During the low season the reception is open from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 till 15.00 and on Sundays from 8.00 till 12.00. If you want to enjoy the enchantment of nautical tourism, there are many charter services in Marina “Dalmacija” where you can rent a boat and go cruising on the Adriatic.


Marina Dalmacija with its 1200 berths is the largest Croatian marina. It has been constructed of massive, made of concrete piers, length from 50 up to 85 meters. The sea depth is from 3 meters , at the berths designed for smaller boats, up to 7 meters at the other berths. At the Marina entrance and in the central part of Marina bay, the depth ranges from 4 up to 10 meters.

Marina Dalmacija offers to its annual berth holders possibility of using the allocated berth for their vessels only. In this case visitor’s boats couldn’t be moored on the berth allocated to their vessel during its absence from the Marina. The right to the exclusive use of this berth for the particular boat increases annual berthing fee by 20% . With an Amendment both contractual parties agree to change item 5. Article 8. of the Berth Use Contract. More information could be obtained from Marina Office. A special attention is paid to the safety of the vessels.Therefore they are moored stern toward pier using the four rope mooring system. To fasten a bow a pair of 20 mm thick anchoring ropes , attached to the galvanized chains and fixed to the concrete block on the sea bottom, is used. Bitter part of the mooring rope is fastened to the bollard on the pier.

Berths for mega yachts
Mega yacht berths on the peninsula, called boxes, are used to accomodate boats from 20 to 25 metres. Each box safely accomodates two boats which are moored allongside. All berths are equipped with high quality water and electricity supply bollards. In line with European standard, these bollards supply the boats with three-phase electrical service of 16 amps, 32 amps and 63 amps. Water outlets are of 1 inch. Increasing difficulty of finding a berth for large yachts and 100 percent occupancy of current berths resulted in construction of additional mega yacht berths. In July 2009, part of the pier no. 28 with 19 new berths for the yachts in range from 25 up to 40 metres were released for use. At these berths yachts are moored stern toward pier using the four rope mooring system. Transit pier with maximum berth length of 80 mts and maxium draft of 4 mts easily accomodates mega yachts visiting marina on daily bases.


The Marina Dalmacija is located in the north of the central part of Dalmatia. It is 7 km far from Zadar city toward the south, in a natural protected bay between pitoresque villages Bibinje and Sukošan.

The Marina Dalmacija ( 44*03*N and 15*18*E) that is five miles away from Zadar by sea, is surrounded with the islands Ugljan and Pašman two and half miles distant. There is an annual car-ferry service to Ancona-Italy, daily. In just seven hours by car-ferry you can be in Italy and by catamaran in three hours.

Zadar International Airport is 5 km far from Marina Dalmacija. Due to this area mild climate the air traffic is possible during the whole year. In the summertime is connected with all European capitals with charter and line flights. There are also car-ferry services for Rijeka, Split, Dubrovnik and all islands of Zadar archipelago.

Contact and info:

Ulica Elizabete Kotromanić 11, 23000, Zadar

PHONE: + 385 (23) 200 300
FAX: + 385 (23) 200 333
e-mail: info@marinadalmacija.hr