Explore Croatia from Pula, capital of Istria vine region


Pula is a largest city of the Istrian county, and an important center of its Region. It is located on the southern tip of the Istrian inverted triangle, where it remained an administrative center since the Roman time. When visiting Pula, seeing the great Amphitheatre is an absolute must! It stands tall as a reminder of the great Roman Empire and its customs.


About Pula

The entirely preserved limestone structure, stands as a symbol of the city, and a pride of Croatia, so much so, that the Arena in Pula is depicted at the back of the 10 Kuna (Croatian currency) banknotes. Other structures in the city include the grand temple of Augustus which is all the more reason why Pula resembles a small version of Rome, smaller but equal in beauty and wonders.

Visit Pula…

Especially interesting for sailors and cruisers, are the Brijuni Islands, located right outside Pula, where you can see the natural wonders. This group of 14 islands, and the most known and the largest “Veliki Brijun”, are a Croatian National park.

In the past Brijuni were an elite tourist resort and today contains a safari where you can find many autonomous animals and plants to this area, as well as the ones brought from other parts of the world, so it’s not uncommon to spot a zebra just passing by.

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