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ACI Marina Supetarska Draga



ACI marina Supetarska Draga lies in the Bay of Supetarska Draga.


All year round


The marina has 274 berths and 53 boat places on land. Berths have water and power supply.


Reception, exchange office, restaurant, toilets and showers, grocery store, repair shop, 10 t crane, slipway, parking lot. The nearest gas station is in ACI marina Rab (11 NM).


The island has regular ferry lines between Jablanac on the mainland and Mišnjak (17 km). During the summer the ferry line Lopar – Baška connects it with the island of Krk. There are bus lines from Supetarska Draga to Lopar (5 km) and Rab (7 km).


Landmarks when approaching the harbor from north or west are Cape Sorinj, on which there is a lighthouse (Fl 3s 10m 6M) and the lighthouse on Cape Kalifront (Fl (3) 10s 11m 8M). The lighthouse on Cape Sorinj can be used as a way point (44°50,7’ N 14°41,0’ E). Between Kamporska Draga and Supetarska Draga attention should be paid to Maman Islet with its shallow coast. ACI marina Supetarska Draga lies at the end of Supetarska Draga. The breakwater of the marina is about 200 m long and on its head there is a red lighthouse (Fl R 5s 7m 4M). When approaching the marina from south, one passes Cape Kanitaj and then proceeds towards Cape Kalifront. At night, from Cape Kalifront one should take course towards Cape Sorinj until the red lighthouse of the marina comes in sight. Note: Official navigational charts recommended (Official Navigational Charts – publisher HHI Split): 100-18 and MK-7.

Contact and info:

HR- 51280 Rab
Tel.: 051/776-268
Fax.: 051/776-222
e-mail: m.supdraga@aci-club.hr
VHF: 17

Harbour Master’s Office Rijeka
Branch Office Rab
Tel./Fax.: 051/724-103
VHF: 10 and 16