If you’re planning to charter a yacht in Croatia, and don’t know where to go, here’s a tip… Sail Central Dalmatia!

Dalmatia is the southernmost region in Croatia. Even though it’s spread across a relatively small area of land in this southern European country, its beauty, fame and spirit far exceed its size!

How can we put this… When you think Croatia, you’re more than likely to think about central Dalmatia. That’s how amazing this place is. Whatever you wish for in a perfect holiday can be found here: the food, the places, the hospitality of its people, you name it!

In order to better describe the many wonders of central Dalmatia we’ve decided to list a couple of the best places to visit while on a yacht charter in Croatia! Let’s begin:


Split is a city located on the Dalmatian coast, and (by population) the second largest city in Croatia. It is not only an important harbor, and a region capital, but also a magnet for travelers, often described as the most beautiful city in the world (and is also chartercroatia’s hometown).

Split has a lot to offer: a perfect geographical position, awe inspiring landmarks, amazing nightlife, and tasty Mediterranean cuisine. Even the Roman emperor Diocletian chose Spalato (Roman name for Split) as a perfect place for his retirement home (palace). So there you have it, it’s even good enough for royalty!


Hvar is perhaps the most widely known island in the sailing region of Central Dalmatia.  The city of Hvar is the absolute hotspot of social/nightlife in Dalmatia. If you’re lucky you can even spot some Hollywood stars here. It is also a sight to see, with landmarks such as the Fortica above the city, crystal clear Adriatic, and a group of 11 isles just outside its waterfront (Pakleni islands).

Hvar is the absolute paradise for yacht charter, and a subject of many bucket lists. We definitely recommend a visit!


Biševo is a small rocky isle just outside the Island of Vis. From a far it seems like large rock in the sea, but in reality it hides plenty of amazing secrets. It is the island of caves, most famous being the Blue grotto, a beautiful aquamarine cave available for visits exclusively by yacht. If you value beautiful nature, and amazing experiences, and especially if you’re enjoy adventure, Biševo is the place to visit. We guarantee you will not leave disappointed.

The most popular sailing route to visit Central Dalmatia is the Split-Split round route. You can contact us for any additional information about yacht charter in Dalmatia.

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