Zadar sailing

Even though every sailing route in Croatia makes for an amazing experience, with its own wonders and secrets to discover, there are a few, like Zadar sailing route, that stick out from the bunch…

Zadar sailing route is among the most popular routes for a yacht charter in Croatia.  CharterCroatia gives you the choice of 5 separate sailing routes in the Zadar area, all of which you can examine in more detail at

Today however we will describe the most popular 7 day long Zadar – Zadar round route, and the best places you visit along the journey.


The route begins in the city of Zadar, sailing out from one of its beautiful marinas. Zadar is city of  71 000 residents, an administrative center of its county, and one of the famous tourists spots in Croatia. There you can visit some of the famous landmarks, such as the church of St. Donatus, and the remains of the old Roman forum, around which the city was built. Since you’ll be beginning your journey in Zadar, you should know that it’s easily accessible by car, plane, boat or virtually any other form of transportation. You can find more information about Zadar  yacht charter in our specialized destination section, so we won’t describe it in more detail in this article.

Just miles away from Zadar lies the beautiful Kornati archipelago, a national park in Croatia. This oasis of stone and sea is one of the best sailing destinations not only in Croatia, but in the world. That’s why Kornati are your next destination.

Kornati – Žut, Smokvica, Piškera

Upon sailing out of Zadar you enter the beautiful Pašman channel, where you sail by Galešnjak a real natural heart shaped island. A short sail away you pass trough the famous narrow pass between islands Pašman and Ugljan and in the blink of an eye you’re at Žut. There you will spend a relaxing day in Strunac, a beautiful lone bay where you will swim sunbathe and discover the amazing surroundings!

Next on the menu is Smokvica, a small isand with amazing views, crystal clear sea. Smokvica gets its name from a fig, and is home to 2 rocky bays perfect to drop anchor in. A short sail away is Piškera, a calm and peaceful marina located in a narrow pas between the two Kornati islands. The marina itself is a sight unlike any other, and has a restaurant where you can try some of the most authentic Croatian specialties.


Telašćica is your next stop, and perhaps the one you’ll like the most in the Zadar round route. Telašćica is a nature park located on Dugi otok. There are 3 parts of Telašćica that will make you never want to leave.

First the bay itself, with plenty of anchoring space, beautiful sea and amazing nature. We highly recommend trying some of the local food and wine in the bay’s restaurant. Secondly the view! Just a short hike gets you to a higher ground, and the opposite side of the island where rocky cliff break into the clear Adriatic. This is perhaps the best view you will ever have the privilege of experiencing, so don’t miss out! The third and final exotic thing Telašćica has to offer is its own lake. That’s right, a lake on an island. This peaceful lake is appropriately named “Mir” and is open to visits.

Iž, Zapuntel

Leaving Telašćica you sail to , another small island in the archipelago. Iž has plenty to show, as this small island was inhabited since the prehistoric times. This limestone paradise is home to some 11th century catholic churches, and a castle of the Zadar native Canagietti family.

Finally, before returning to Zadar, you stop at Zapuntel (Molat island), a charming fisherman village which is a great relaxing place to end a perfect holiday.

Upon returning To Zadar you will hopefully feel a few beautiful experiences richer! Contact CharterCroatia for more information on yacht charter and Zadar sailing!

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