Top 5 islands to sail in Croatia!

Summer is getting dangerously close, and with it a fresh chance to experience a new Croatian adventure! You can still charter a yacht in Croatia with and have a time of your life exploring the wonders of the Adriatic. Just contact us or browse our online catalogue, check availability in the realtime search engine, and book online!

Back to the subject…  There is no doubt Croatia; “the new Riviera” offers a lot of things to a lot of people. One of the most common facts you’ll find while researching Croatia is its richness with islands. With over a 1000 islands on a relatively small surface, sailing is a dream. It takes a lifetime to see them all, so it’s unfortunately impossible to fit all of them in a single, or even a couple of visits. That’s exactly why decided to make a list with the TOP 5 islands in Croatia! The following list has no particular order, as all of these islands are equally beautiful in our eyes!


We must start with the most famous one! There’s just no talking about islands in Croatia without mentioning Hvar. It’s located in the central part of Dalmatia (Croatia’s southern province). There’ something for everyone here, whether you’d like to bike the wine trails in Stari Grad, gaze at the beautiful cliffs of Sv. Nedilja, or have a luxurious party in the city of Hvar. In short, Hvar is a place for adventurers, foodies, party goers, and wine lovers. Browse through our blog section to find more on Hvar, such as this article on sailing Pakleni, an archipelago of small but beautiful islands adjacent to Hvar Island!


A perfect place for adventure! First of all the amazing intact nature of Vis, the crystal clear sea, the beautiful beaches and numerous natural wonders! This is an absolute paradise for snorkelers and divers, as the sea floor radiates life wherever you look. Not to mention the underwater world looks nothing short of amazing! There are some marine Caves around vis (such as the Blue, and Green Cave) you can go into for an out of this world experience. Stiniva, a small rocky cove in the south of Vis is the best beach in Europe this year, and that’s saying something! There’ just so many things about Vis, words cannot even start to describe it, so it’s best to just sail it and find out for yourself!


This one is for the foodies! This gem, a bit more north in the Adriatic than Hvar (Zadar sailing area), is famous for its amazing food. When anyone from Croatia thinks about fine cheese, they immediately think of Pag. Really, Pag cheese is absolutely amazing.

Between with the beautiful nature, amazing beaches, the crystal clear sea, and the great food, there’s no reason not to fall in love with Pag! Just picture it, enjoying perfect Mediterranean scenery while sipping some wine and munching on some tasty cheese. Just writing about this makes my mouth water, so let’s move on, shall we?


Ahh, Korcula, the island of culture! Korcula is a Dalmatian island a little south from Hvar. Heard about Marco Polo? You know the world famous adventurer and explorer? Yup, Born in Korcula, and you can actually visit his house. The amazing town of Korcula, with its beautiful architecture, and an amazing fish-bone street structure is the perfect place where you can experience Croatian culture! Korcula wines are as great as the ones on Hvar, so again, exploring the culture, enjoying the sun and sea, great food, and lots and lots of wine!


Finally Mljet, where you can really find out what intact nature feels like! And of course, wine. Wine is a given wherever you go in Croatia… Mljet is a National Park in Croatia, so get ready for some amazing sights. Also there’s some beautiful beaches, such as Saplunara. Mljet is the 8 largest island in Croatia, and the one with most forest. There are two lakes on the island, “Veliko“translated into large lake, and “Malo”, or small lake.

So that’s our Top 5! Its worth mentioning that Croatia has more than 5 beautiful islands, so Brac, Solta, Lastovo, and many other could just as well be on this list! To recap on Croatian islands:lots of fun, plenty of activities, culture, nature, sea, food, and wine! Lots and lots of wine…

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