If you decide to charter a yacht from Split with chartercroatia, you’ll more than likely wind up sailing Milna. Located on the west of Croatia’s tallest island (highest peak of all the Croatian islands- Vidova Gora), Milna is a charming, calm bay quite popular with sailors all around the world! You can charter a yacht anytime and sail to Milna with chartercroatia.net. Just contact us or use our real-time yacht search engine!

Precisely speaking, Milna is actually a small village, with the total population of just over 800 residents. It’s a fisherman’s village, that looks over a small island of Mrduja in the middle of the channel known as the Split’s Gate. An hour of sailing from Split is all it takes to get to this island paradise, and you can do so aboard any of our sailboats, catamarans, gulets, or motor yachts.

sailing Milna

Sailing Milna

There are several bays you can Visit while sailing Milna. Osibova, in the south-west with a number of beautiful calm beaches and an abundance of sunshine. Lučice, often a first choice of sailors in the area, with its crystal clear waters and a nice shelter from almost any wind. There is a submerged cave close to Lučice perfect for a visit if you’re a diver. Bobovišća, a small village that offers peace and quiet, as well as a great chance to try some of the tasty local dishes. Don’t forget about the amazing wines you can try in this Central Dalmatian region.

mrduja milna

One amazing benefit of visiting Milna aboard a yacht charter is the chance to see Mrduja up close. This small island mythically pulled between Brac and Šolta in an eternal argue is a place only a few get to see up-close. Also a chance for an unforgettable photograph.

There are so many great things we could say about Milna, but you know what? We’ll let you discover it yourself! Contact us and let us provide you with the best yacht and sailing route to experience Milna in all its glory.

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