PROs and CONs of gulet charter Croatia

As you already may or may not know a gulet is a traditional vessel almost always made of wood, and used mostly in the Mediterranean for tourism purposes! Gulets are a very popular yacht charter in Croatia, and there are a lot of reasons why, which we’ll get to in a second….

First, let’s explain gulets! Most of them range from about 15 to 35 meters in length, so yachts of respectable size. All of them have masts, usually 2 or 3, but not all of them actually sail. Some gulets are powered solely by an engine, and some are essentially large sailboats combining cruising and sailing.

gulet sailing dolce vita

Gulet as a vessel type probably originates from Turkey, though this is not certain due to their long tradition and use in the Mediterranean countries! They were used as freight vessels in the Black Sea, and fishing and naval vessels in the Adriatic. It wasn’t until recently that gulets took their rightful place in the world of nautical tourism.

So why book a gulet? Here are some pros and cons…


Gulets are large vessels, stable and sturdy, so safety is never an issue as they can handle just about any conditions. Gulets are frequently redone and taken care of so most of them are in perfect condition. Another important thing about booking a gulet can be the price. You can book just a cabin on some gulets (and only on a gulet)  so it’s the best option if you plan sailing in small groups (2-4 persons). If you plan on sailing in big groups you can also book an entire gulet.

Gulets offer a better service than most other vessels in our offer. With gulet charter you get a full service, an attentive crew on board, a cook, a skipper, and all sorts of additional services. There’s tons of recreational equipment on a gulet, and some of them even come with a Jacuzzi tub on the deck.

cesarica jacuzzi

They offer more space than you can get on any other type of vessel. Best of all, you don’t have to do almost any planning aboard the gulet, just kick back, relax on one of the many sun chairs, and just enjoy your time in Croatia!

sun chairs andjeo

Lastly, cabins aboard most of our gulets offer a far more luxurious feeling than those in almost all other yachts (except luxury yachts of a different type). You can get a far more comfortable experience sailing a gulet than perhaps any other type of vessel.

Navilux cabin

Lastly the traditional atmosphere! Gulets offer not only sailing, but a history lesson. There’s a magical feeling aboard the gulet (that can certainly make for a perfect romantic getaway), you just can’t get with a modern yacht!


If you want a boat for yourself (or travel in a small group and wish for intimacy) and mind having other people on the cruise, perhaps a sailboat or a catamaran is a better option. So if You’d like to get away from people, gulet is not a perfect choice! Also if you’re planning to sail by yourself, or in nautical terms “charter a bareboat” yacht, you should rule out gulets…

Gulets are not extremely fast yachts, so if its speed you’re after, it may be better to book a motor yacht. There’s more freedom in creating an itinerary aboard… well, say a sailboat, so again gulets may not be perfect for this type of adventurer.

In the end it all depends on what you want to get out of your sailing trip… To each his own, right?  Chartering a perfect yacht can be a pretty difficult choice, but that’s where we come in! Contact us and let CharterCroatia help you with find the best option for you and provide you with the truly amazing sailing experience!

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