You’ve just made ​​the decision that you want to spend your holidays differently previous years? You have just decided to spend seven unforgettable days enjoying the benefits and beauty of the Croatian coast and try the unique experience of sailing? The first thing You start to think about onc the decision has been made is the price of the charter. Can I afford this?

It is important to note that the rental price depends on several factors and those are model of the sailboat, manufacturer, year of production, starting marina and the desired charter period. It is important to know that the newer boats are regularly more epensive ones in the way that a rental price between new and slightly older model of the same boat can be significant and that slightly older boat if well maintained can provide the same level of comfort and sailing performances.

The next important factor that greatly determines the rental price is the charter period. Please bear in mind that high season runs during July and August and that in these months the rental price is th most expensive. If you are not limited with a schedule of your vacation we definitely recommend you rent a boat in the pre-season in May and June, or in the off-season in September and October for several reasons. The first reason is the lower price of the rent, much larger selection of available boats and less crowd.

Once you find a boat that fully suit your requirements you need to keep in mind that the rental price reffers only to 7 days accommodation on board. Additional costs are unavoidable and most of them are related to food, fuel and mooring fees for the various marinas along the coast, depending on your route. Food is certainly the grater cost and it is up to you to decide whether to prepare meals on board or you will eat in the restaurants. We recommend that you buy most of the food before departure because smaller shops on the islands are not well-equipped and the prices are usually more expensive there. It’s hard to say how much you spend on fuel because the fuel consumption depends on how much time you will spend sailing, on weather conditions and direction and strength of the wind. According to our calculations for a week of sailing you’ll spend cca 100-150 euro. The mooring fees  vary from marina to marina and are depending on the length of the boat and are determined by the price list of each marina that can be seen on the website of each marina. The average mooring fee for the boat of 45 feet is about 75 Euro. It is also important to note that there are a large number of ports and anchorages which do not have any extra embroidery which can greatly reduce the cost of sailing.

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