Far away in the open Adriatic, in the furthest in-sea point of Croatia, lies Palagruza, few small islands, with a lighthouse. At first glance this lonely island doesn’t seem like much, but it has plenty of wonderful secrets. For all those sailors who seek peace and quiet, or adventure, Palarguža is perhaps the best Croatia has to offer. Charter Croatia, brings you one step closer to Palagruža with your crewed or bareboat sailboat, catamaran, gulet, or motor yacht charter.

Beach Palagruza

Palagruza is located in the Split-Dalmatia County, 68 nautical miles from Split. It consist of islands “Vela Palagruza”, the largest island with a lighthouse, “Mala Palagruza”, and a few much smaller islands, Kamik, Tarmuntona, Kunj, Pupak, as well as a couple of rock-islands.

The biggest Island is also the most interesting for visitors. Vela Palagruza is a 92 m high island with plenty of endemic plants and animals, and the warmest climate in all of Croatia. The Lighthouse is the absolute best thing about this island, with only its master as the sole inhabitant of this island. Beautiful beach, clearer sea than you can even imagine, awe inspiring nature, and perhaps the best view of the open sea you’ll ever experience in your life, are just a few of its awesome qualities.


Palagruza is the island of heroes. There is a legend related to Palagruza, as Diomedes, king of Argos is buried on the island. Even though this legend seems impossible, there have been findings that can prove the story, such as remainings of vases with the Greek inscription of the name Diomedes.

All in all Palagruza is a beautiful Island group, and a dream of plenty a sailor, and fishermen in Croatia, and further.  Palagruza is a place you’ll never want to leave!  Its Isolation has left it immaculate, perfect in a way it is, a beautiful stone in the middle of the Adriatic, awaiting only the bravest, and the most daring, but once you’re there it reveals it’s beautiful, warm nature.  This island is lonely and mysterious, and it awaits You to discover its many secrets! Do you dare?

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