All those in love with their pets and who don’t wish to leave it a home when going on vacation in beautiful Croatia have one important question – can I bring my pet on a sailing holiday in Croatia? The answer is always very simple and easy – Yes, of course you can bring your pet on board a sailing boat. Pets are very welcome in almost every marina and every charter company in Croatia. But we suggest you to check if the charter company you booked with will surely allow you to bring your pet abroad. We recommend checking about this possibility when confirming the reservation.

It is good and useful to be aware of the fact that there are some additional costs connected with bringing your lovely pet on board a sailing boat. Most of the charter companies in Croatia will charge you for double final cleaning if pet on board while some will also charge you for additional pet fee.

When having your pet on board we always recommend installing a railing net along the sides of the sailing boat. It is also advisable to do shorter daily routes of your sailing trips because any pet need to spend certain time on mainland. It is also highly recommendable to avoid busy and crowded beaches and marinas with your pet because some of your neighbors could protest about dogs and very often they can show intolerance and disrespect toward your pets.

Cat sailor

Sailing can often be very exhausting and hard for your lovely pets and can sometimes cause huge stress for them so they can often get scared and that is is the main reason why you should secure them a small corner to be able to hide somewhere from time to time. If cases of panic occur you should remove anything that could potentially harm your pet.

At the end of this article about sailing with pets on board it is important to emphasize that your pet will enjoy on a sailing trip in Croatia as much as you, as long as you have prepared everything for its comfortable and safe staying on board.

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