So you’ve decided to charter a yacht in Croatia? Perfect! Set a date and preferred route? Yes! Which type of yacht do you want to rent?…

Choosing a type of yacht for charter can be a difficult task. With so many options to choose from people tend to get confused. That’s why we’re here. Contact us, and we’ll be sure to find a yacht type that best fits your needs.  But, just as a general guide when choosing a yacht type, read the following article.

Even though there are 4 yacht types to choose from (sailboat charter, catamaran charter, motor yacht charter, gulet charter), if you take it down to the basics, there are two options. Either you sail, or you cruise.  In other words either you charter a sailing yacht or a motor yacht.  Of course, each sailing yacht is equipped with a motor, and a part of the time will be spent cruising. The real question is do you want the option of sailing, or not.

On one hand, sailing offers an incredible sense of freedom, an almost poetic feeling of unity with nature, the sun and sea. Motor yachts, on the other hand, offer speed and extra feeling of luxury, as well as plenty more open space (as there’s no need for a mast). Sailing yachts have a deeper draft than motor yachts. This means you can anchor in the shallower spots with a motor yacht.  Sailing yachts often cost less, as they need less fuel (of course), and are generally less expensive to rent than motor yachts.  Motor yachts get you access to more places in one day.

Other than your personal style and preferences, time and place of your visit play a crucial part in the choice. I.E. if your sailing in narrow passages (like ones in the Kornati archipelago) you might be happier with a narrow sailboat. If you’re visiting in high winds season (such as mid and late autumn) you might prefer safe cruising to sailing.

If you ask our opinion if you don’t absolutely NEED SPEED, have the option of sailing. The sacrifice of luxury is so small (if there is any) that it’s completely overshadowed by the incredible feeling you get when on sails.

In the end, it comes down to your wishes and needs. In any case, we advise you to contact us so we can help you with the perfect choice for your holiday.  Whether you choose Sailing or Cruising you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime. Have a great time sailing (or cruising) Croatia with!

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