When aboard a yacht on a sailing vacation in Croatia, one of the things you should think about is cooking. If you decide to prepare the food yourself, it’s wise to get familiar with the kitchen on a boat, and cooking on boat as it may differ from cooking at home.

When cooking on a boat you don’t have the luxury of stability. Even though modern boat design of the models in our offer brings you the best possible stability, you’re still on the water, and this makes it a bit shaky. So always keep a clean surface, put away any utensils, and other cooking equipment you don’t need, especially sharp knives and similar items. A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen, this is particularly true on a yacht. This is not only a safety matter it also saves space, as boat kitchens often offer a limited working space, so its easier for you to cook.

The boats come equipped with all the kitchen equipment you need, plates, knives, forks, spoons and other standard equipment for all guests, so you don’t have to bring any extra. Nevertheless, you may want to bring a can opener, or a small piece of non-standard kitchen equipment you’re use to.

If you decide to prepare meals yourself, keep it simple!  Because cooking on a yacht brings a few more challenges than cooking at home, let it take the least amount of time from your vacation. Prepare fish, pasta, have canned food on hand, and try to keep it simple.  Some sailboats in our offer come equipped with a grill, such as Dufour 460 GL so you can grill a quick tasty meal while on boat! One of the simple recipes you can easily prepare on boat is the shrimp and garlic spaghetti!

Also try the local food. Croatian food has a great reputation, especially in the coastal regions, and there are countless authentic restaurants for you to enjoy great food at reasonable prices. Just ask us, or your skipper (if you charter a skippered yacht) for a good local restaurant.

Have a good, tasty time on your sailing holiday in Croatia!

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