If you decide to charter a sailboat, catamaran, gulet or a motor yacht in Croatia and sail the islands of Central Dalmatia, Vis is definitely a highlight of your itinerary! On the SW side of the beautiful Vis is a small Island of Bisevo, a beautiful rock in the Adriatic, surrounded by the crystal clear sea! Bisevo is home to only 19 people, and is regarded mostly by fishermen, and sailors, for its beauty and rich sea life.


Sailing around Bisevo, you’re sure to notice its high rocky cliffs, ideal for jumping of, if you’re an adrenaline addict. Upon closer look at the rocks you’ll see an opening, a door of a sort to a different, slightly alien, but nevertheless beautiful world.

blue cave enterance

That door grants entrance to a Blue cave, or a Blue grotto! With a short dive you enter a world of marine blue, with an larger than life play of light’s and shadows! The cave receives around 10 000 tourist each year, and the absolute best time to visit is in a time period between 11, and 12 when the sun is highest, and a cave gets its specific, one of a kind aquamarine color! This limestone wonder in the Adriatic is around 15 meters high, with entrance of 1.5 by 2.5 meters, and awaits anyone brave enough.

Adriatic seal

Close by is another cave “bear’s cave” in direct translation of the Croatian name. The name comes from a some-time-ago frequent visitor to the cave, an Adriatic seal, also called “Sredozemna medvjedica” (Adriatic bear in translation). This beautiful sea creature, is sadly close to extinction, but if you’re extremely lucky you’ll spot this amazing, friendly creature during your visit, so eyes open!

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