Choosing a type of yacht charter in Croatia is something that can set the tone of the rest of your holiday.  On one hand you can choose sailing. Sailing is a spectacular sensation, gliding on the surface with no worry in the world, cruising from bay to bay and enjoying yourself in a slow, relaxing pace. But sometimes you just need a bit more power…

If power and speed is what you wish for, motor boat and luxury yacht charter may fit your needs. Motoryachts are fast, luxury vessels guaranteed to get you where you want to be in speed, and style.  These yachts are absolutely perfect for everyone who wants a high level of luxury and comfort.  Motoryacht charter in Croatia is a great way to visit as many places as possible in a trip, access those beautiful shallows, and waste the least possible time on traveling.


It is a common misconception that motor yachts are exclusively big luxurious yachts available only to those with the deepest pockets. In fact, there’s a lot of range in motor yacht charter. For example you can charter Prestige 440 and cruise on a relatively affordable 13 meter yacht with your family, or enjoy a high luxury(and expensive) Sunseeker 34M cruise, aboard a magnificent 34 meter yacht. Motorboats and luxury yachts get you speed, practicality and comfort unlike any other yacht type in our offer.


So what exactly do you get with CharterCroatia motor yacht charter?

First of all we offer a great choice of motor boats and luxury yachts ranging from smaller 10 meter yachts all the way to the 40 meters luxury cruisers. You can browse through our realtime search engine, or contact us to find a perfect yacht. Whichever yacht you choose, we guarantee the best price on the market! Finally when you choose a perfect motor yacht we guarantee an unforgettable cruising experience on the Adriatic, with the help of our highly professional crew.

Browse our website, or contact us for more information about motor yacht charter in Croatia.

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