A Stand Up Paddle board, or more popular a SUP is a large surfboard which you stand (or sit) on, and use a paddle to propel yourself trough the water to wherever you desire.  Here’s an interesting piece information…

Even though SUP’s were introduced to the world market only a few years ago, they originate to Hawaii, where they were used for years, as a substitution for regular surfing, and even as a learning tool for surfing. Today, the SUP Craze, has gone so far up in the air, it seems every other person in the world has tried it. The biggest boom, came with the introduction of an inflatable SUP board, which made a 8 foot board fit into a small handbag.


SUPing is a great exercise, extremely fun to do, and a perfect way to get around the sea. This is exactly why SUP’s are so popular with the Charter and generally yachting/sailing community. Think about it this way. A tender is fast , but it’s hard to lower in and take out of the water, swimming is great, but you don’t always want to get wet. A SUP on the other hand, is light to carry, easy to use, and again, just plain FUN. Plus, when on anchor, you mainly need to cover short distances, so a SUP is a perfect choice.

Imagine, getting up in the morning on a sailboat, hopping on a sup, and paddling to the shore to explore. Even better, if you’re on a holiday with your kids, imagine their faces when they see their very own  big surfboard. If You’re among the most active, SUP yoga is also a thing you can do. The possibilities are endless!

All of this and more is why Charter Croatia decided to offer a SUP, and make it available for rental with any type of sailboat, catamaran, gullet, or motor yacht charter in Croatia.  Just ask for a SUP with your charter, and we will provide you with a best option for your needs.

SUP Yoga


Rent a SUP board with Charter Croatia, and have a perfect, fun time in Croatia.

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