Croatian coast is beautiful all year round but there is something special to feel around autumn atmosphere on the Croatia coast! It is already well known that autumn in Croatian coast is as beautiful as in the the summer, it not even better… The weather is wonderful and warm, temperatures are around 30 degrees, and the sea is still nice and warm to swimm, the beaches are much less crowded and so are the cities you visit. And the wind…. oh the wind is just perfect for sailing…

We still have lot of sailing boats available during the September and October so don’t miss to book your perfect boat for this autumn! Contact us with confidence and don’t miss to book a boat for this autumn.Don’t miss to feel the autumn breeze on your cheek while the waves are gently lapping in the bow. Explore the charming Dalmatian places that are less crowded now and experience the charm they offer completely. Take this advantage and get the special autumn discount for all the boats from our offer!

Croatia is an ideal choice for autumn sailing so don’t miss to come to Croatia for this autumn because you might regret it..

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