The 5 Best Beaches in Croatia!

With yacht charter in Croatia, you’re bound to visit a lot of interesting places! Croatia is a Mediterranean country, home to the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, countless islands, bays, and of course beaches.  Now, when you hear the word “beach”, most of You will immediately think about sandy beaches that go for miles and miles and in those countless miles you can find about 1 meter of space due to the overcrowding. In Croatia you’ll find a slightly different, and in our opinion way better impression of a beach. Small, or medium sized beach,  made out of perfectly round pebbles, or sand, where in most cases you can have the entire beach to yourself.

The beauty of yacht charter is the access to some of the most secluded, even more beautiful beaches, and bays, most don’t have a chance to visit. That’s why decided to make a list of the best beaches to visit while sailing in Croatia. While there are so many beautiful beaches in Croatia that its impossible to pick only few, we decided to make a list of the beaches frequently visited by sailors, located on Croatian Islands!

You can sail to all of the beaches on our list by chartering a yacht with! Contact us and we’ll find the best offer for you!

  1. Golden Horn – Bol

The Golden horn is a beautiful beach of a distinct triangle shape locted on the island of Brac, and the town of Bol. It has been a popular tourist destination for years, and a favourite visit of many sailors. This beach is completely natural and layered in smooth pebbles!

  1. Saharun –Dugi otok

Saharun is a long sandy beach on Dugi Otok, in the Kornati Archipelago, and National Park. This beach may just be the closest thing to Your vision of Paradise. Acessible by yacht it is a perfect spot to visit on your Croatian sailing holiday!

  1. Jagodna – Hvar

Jagodna is a small beach located on the southern part of Hvar Island, near the city of Hvar. This popular beach, as well as several other beaches on our list was listed as one of the best beaches in the world. We’ll let the photo speak for itself!

  1. Stiniva-Vis

Stiniva is a pebble covered beach in a bay surrounded by tall rocky walls. It almost seems unreal when looking at the photos, but Stiniva is very real and available for visits. The best way to visit this small, but truly amazing place is by chartering a yacht and sailing to the beach.

  1. Lubenice-Cres

Finally Lubenice, more accurately St, john’s beach, a beautiful, and long beach in the town of Lubenice. The beach is overlooked by a 380 meters high ridge, and a town on top of it. This is a great place to spend time relaxing on your vacation, would you agree?

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