Telašćica bay on a sailboat

Telašćica bay is a small piece of paradise, located roughly in the middle of the Croatian Adriatic, and in the south-east of Dugi Otok island.  In today’s post, we chose to describe Telašćica bay sailing and all that it has to offer because we feel a bay like this deserves its own article. Getting there is simple with, you just book a yacht from Zadar and enjoy the cruise. You’ll pass some beautiful locations in the area along the way, such as the island Pašman, Ugljan, Molat, and the Kornati National Park. We recommend sailboat charter on this occasion! To help you imagine, let’s say we’re sailing aboard Jeanneau 64, a 20-meter long luxury sailing masterpiece.

Jeanneau 64

Telašćica bay sailing

Arriving at Telašćica you drop anchor right in the bay, next to one of the 5 islets inside the actual bay. Telašćica is a Nature park in Croatia, a protected area. This is rightfully so, because the unique geomorphological nature of the bay (and its surroundings), rich flora and fauna, and the sheer beauty of the area make it a place well-worth saving for the generations to come.

Telascica cliffs

It’s not really a single bay, but 25 small bays connected into a larger one. The terrain slopes gently on the inside, while on the other side of the island (which is a short hike away) it opens into steep rocky cliffs. This part of Dugi Otok seems like a half of the island, because the hill breaks off into cliffs in a clear-cut, making the island amazingly “thin”. So thin, that it takes only a few minutes from the bay to the cliffs. The hike is advised since you’re rewarded with one of the best views of the Adriatic.

The most amazing thing about Telašćica is the salt lake. That’s right, next to the bay you can find a real lake on an island. Lake Mir (literally translated to peace) is a 900m by 300m pool of saltwater, bounded by tall rocky cliffs on one side, and a soft slope of Dugi Otok on the other. The maximum depth of the lake is just 6 meters. The lake is a natural phenomenon, as it temperature ranges from 30°C in the summer to 5°C in the winter, making it hard for any sea life to survive there. The lake is however home to some species of fish, crab, and an endemic eel species.

telašćica diving

The bay is also a perfect place to try out some local specialties. You’ll find a number of restaurants in the area all offering tasty seafood dishes, fresh from the bay. It’s worth noting that this is a perfect place for divers as the seafloor is amazingly rich with life. To learn more about Telašćica, visit the bay’s official website. If you’d like the idea of Telašćica bay sailing, contact us and let us provide a perfect yacht for your needs.

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