If you decide to charter a yacht of any type in Croatia, you’re in for a treat. There are numerous Islands, to explore, beautiful nature, bays, beaches, ports, and awe inspiring old cities. But the absolute best thing about Croatia is its crystal clear Adriatic Sea.  This sea is everything to Croats, and it’s not hard to see why. Adriatic is an inspiration for poets, a playground for the adventurers, and for many people, especially in the southern Croatian regions, a life source. “The sea shall provide” is a popular saying not only in Croatia, but many other Mediterranean countries.

Fish Island

If you’re a passionate fisherman, or even someone who’d like to try his/ hers hand in catching a trophy while on a sailing trip, you can do it with Charter Croatia. Provided, of course, you have a fishing permit! Imagine, going out to open sea, and catching a dinner for you and your family or friends. Seafood tastes just that much better when you caught it yourself. But be modest, and take just as much as you need from the sea. The Adriatic is rich with sea-life, and a great place to go fishing. However, in some places, due to a lot of boats , and commercial overfishing fish are located deep, or relocated.

The best places to go fishing are the more secluded areas in the more open sea, like the islands of Vis, and the smaller islands of Susac, Jabuka, and the furthest in sea Isle of Palagruza, also the outsides of Kornati where fishing is permitted. For Big Game, rod tuna fishing, the northern parts of the Adriatic are the best, as they are rich with this type of fish.


On the other hand, for the more adventurous, diving in and spearfishing is also an option. The best places for this are often areas in Dalmatia. This is because the underwater configuration, where the bottom is covered in big boulders with plenty of holes for fish to get in. We especially recommend the areas under the cliffs on the southern part of Hvar, southern side of Vis, and some of the open sea islands mentioned before (Susac, Jabuka, Palagruza).  Snorkeling without fishing is also beautiful in these parts. However, we must say that spearfishing is something you shouldn’t try without experience, as diving, and spearfishing, are dangerous activities, and it goes without saying that a fishing permit is an imperative. Some of the most valued fish in Croatia for any fisherman are Tuna, Dentex, and an Amberjack fish!


If you’re a fisherman, and have all the needed permits, Croatia can be a perfect place for you to catch yourself some memories from a sailing/fishing trip!

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