Croatia is a simple, but beautiful place. The people are laid back, relaxed, the surroundings are amazing just about anywhere you go, and most of all there’s no media following you everywhere you go. That’s right, I’m talking about celebrities. Famous people staying in Croatia are something of a trend, but never more so than in the recent decade. It seems that, with a growth of this destination’s popularity, more and more celebrities are taking their relaxing haven here. And of course, because they are celebrities, most of them choose to visit by yacht, whether it’s the one they own or a charter yacht.

This is why we’ve decided to make a list of the 5 celebrities in Croatia, and the places they visit!

1. Beyonce

The US pop star, and actor was in Croatia in 2009. With her hip- hop superstar husband Jay Z. They toured Dalmatia on a yacht, and were amazed with the beauty of our country. It is even thought that the name of their child is inspired by a tree the star couple saw in Croatia, so there you go!

2. Tom Cruise

This famous Hollywood actor, first visited Dubrovnik in 2004. He came with his own yacht and anchored righ outside the city. Tom obviously loved Croatia, as he returned to Hvar in 2012. , where he was spotted, but just barely, sipping a cocktail in one of the famous bars in Croatia.

3. John Malkovich

One of the best Hollywood actors (by not only the writer’s humble opinion) owns a villa in Istria. The story goes further, as the actor’s heritage goes back to our beautiful country. This, and the stunning beauty of the country, are probably  the reasons why Croatia is one of his first choices!

4. Prince Harry

Even the British royalty can’t resist Croatia. The younger of the two princes came here on summer holiday, specifically to Hvar island. There he visited Carpe Diem beach bar on Pakleni islands, and Stipanska bay. There are still rumors going about the islands about the amount of rounds he payed for while there, so it’s obvious he had a great time!

5.Cast of Game of Thrones

That’s right, the entire cast. If you didn’t already know, a huge part of this hit serial is filmed in Croatia. Take for example the King’s landing, which is all Dubrovnik, Meereen filmed in Split and the surrounding areas, and many, many more… And, since Charter Croatia is from Split, we have to be a little smug about Emilia Clarke’s words about how Dubrovnik filming was beautiful, but she liked Split better!

And that’s all we could fit into the 5 but there are many more stars making Croatia their peaceful holiday oasis. Elen DeGeneres, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie, and the list goes on! And if it’s good enough for them, its good enough for anyone J. So come to Croatia, charter a yacht and have a time of your life! And keep your eyes open, You might even spot a celebrity!

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