There are a lot of great things you may have heard about sailing Croatia. Perhaps the amazing clear blue of its sea, over a 1000 islands, amazing food, culture, people, and an incredible sailing experience. All of these are true, but there are a lot of things about Croatia you probably didn’t know. In today’s article we give you the top 5 facts about sailing Croatia and yacht charter Croatia you probably never knew…

Most of it’s free! (free anchorage)

free anchoring

Croatia is one of the select few countries in the world where there are still large non-commercialized areas. In other words, beautiful spots you can enjoy without paying for a ticket, berth, anchoring fee, or just about anything. If you don’t want to pay an anchoring fee, you can always find a beautiful bay, and drop anchor there. The great thing is, there are so many bays in Croatia, and you can always find a bay where you can be alone! Think about it, an entire bay for yourself, for as long as you like. Sounds great to me! Although it’s best to do a bit of both, which we strongly recommend!

There are more 3000 boats available for yacht charter Croatia

Croatia is home to some 60 marinas, and with you can charter a yacht from the 30 most popular. There are 3000 boats available for rental in Croatia, and that number is growing each year, which gives you a perfect choice of boats anytime. There are several boat types available for rental: sailboats, catamarans, gulets, and motor yachts! CharterCroatia is proud to offer more than 2500 of those yachts, so there’s a wide range of yachts and prices for every sailor!

Split sailing area is the most popular

There’s something about Split sailing that attracts the most sailors. Most of our largest islands, and ones with the best tourist offer are located in the Split area. Also, Split is often called the most beautiful city in the world, and the islands in its sailing area often hold the same epithets! There are countless options when sailing this region, and all of them come with a promise of an unforgettable sailing holiday. Read more about Split sailing in this article!

Sailboats are the most popular


People cannot get enough of sailboats! And who can blame them, there’s something magical about sailing Croatia in a simple sailboat. Sure they are also cheaper in general and available for bareboat charter if you are an experienced sailor with a license! However, even if we agree a sailboat is a great choice it’s not always the best. Croatia has a lot of islands in a relatively small area, so there will be times when you’ll have to sail some shallow passages. In these situations it’s better to have a shallow draft catamaran or a motor yacht than a sailboat with a deep fin and overall shape. In addition to that, every other boat type we offer comes with more space, a greater feeling of comfort, and luxury than a sailboat. However, if you’re on a budget, there’s no better way to “sail for less” and still have a great time, than with a sailboat!

There are only 69 inhabited islands

Here’s one even most Croatians don’t know… There is more than a 1000 islands in Croatia. To be more accurate, there are 718 islands, 389 islets (or small islands) and 78 reefs in Croatia. Surprisingly, only a small portion, or 69 of those islands are inhabited! That’s just how “untouched” the Adriatic is. Most of these islands are small isolated worlds, fairly close to each other, with an exception of a few offshore isles. The islands in Croatia are home to some of the most beautiful bays and beaches in the world, and that’s not just a subjective opinion, as most of them have been recognized worldwide! All of the islands in Croatia are perfect for a visit, and accessible to charterers!

In the end as a bonus fact for adventurers, there are 50 functional lighthouses scattered on the Adriatic, all of which perfect for sailing Croatia. We encourage you to contact us with any additional questions, requests and enquiries anytime, so we can make your Croatian adventure unforgettable!

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