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Ždrilci Bay Pakleni Islands

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Pakleni Islands make for a perfect yacht charter destination!  In today’s edition of the blog, we’ll be presenting Ždrilci, a small bay located in the west part of the Marinkovac Island.

Ždrilci bay has a special relationship with yacht charterers. Whenever you take refuge in this paradise bay, there will be at least a dozen of yachts anchored in the close facinity of the beach. And it’s no wonder at all, because the bay is home to a beautiful beach, with a few restaurants, and a beautiful hiking trail over the small island. Being a part of Pakleni, and Marinkovac island, Ždrilci bay is well sheltered from the winds  on all sides  making it a perfect anchoring spot in all conditions.

The narrow passes between the nearby islands of Borikovac and Planikovac are just wide enough to let a wider catamaran pass. The bay itself is deep enough to  anchor a sailboat of a deeper draft.  Ždrilci is therefore accessible by almost any kind of yacht in our offer!

Upon entering the beach, the restaurant on your far right “Tri Grede” offers you refreshments right there on the beach, or a beautiful Mediterranean meal on the terrace.  There is an olive garden overlooking the beach, and you can try the oil, from the same olive trees in the restaurant, or buy some and take it home with you. A short hiking trail gets you to the other side of the Island, where you can find some more amazing beaches, and a forest of pine which produce “paklina” moss.  On the far south side you get the most amazing view of the open Adriatic, and Vis, Korčula, and Lastovo islands in the background. A special attraction is a shallow pass between Marinkovac and a small island outside the bay which you can get to by foot if the tide is low.

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