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How would you like to do something amazing, and surprise your family with a one of a kind yacht charter, sailing trip in Croatia? Well, you’ve come to the right place because with, you can do just that! To be honest, there’s little out there that can top the sensation of sailing the Adriatic. So here’s why you should charter a family sailing adventure in Croatia, where to go, and which type of yacht to get!

They say a happy family equals a happy life, and what’s better to make your family happy than taking them on a cruise of the Adriatic.  We at CharterCroatia always welcome family charters and try our best to provide the best possible experience. There’s no better way to bond then to spend some time together on a yacht (take our word on it). Take your children on an amazing journey, and let them discover new places, and witness the wonders of nature first hand! Croatia is the best place to have a family trip, as possibly the safest sailing destination in the world. The winds and the weather are mild, the sea is actually a large bay of the Mediterranean, o there aren’t as many waves as in the open sea/ocean of some other destinations.

Family sailing destinations in Croatia



The Adriatic is full of islands and islets. Only in Croatia do you have a chance to explore 1000 islands, covered with amazing flora, awe-inspiring historical landmarks, and offering some jaw-dropping views. Family sailing in Croatia offers a unique experience to learn about history and nature first hands.  You can also explore the underwater world, go snorkeling and diving and take advantage of a sea filled with life.

Even though each destination in Croatia may be a great choice for a family cruise, some are better than the other. For example, central Dalmatia offers a perfect chance to get to know Croatian history, visit landmarks, and witness the beauty of nature. Kornati sailing, on the other hand, offers a remote and peaceful experience like no other. Sailing Dubrovnik area gets you the most interesting history lessons, as you’re sailing by the actual stone walls used to fend off enemy attacks in the past. In north Adriatic, you’ll experience a calm lifestyle of the Croatian people, try some amazing food, and learn more about Croatian traditions.

Best time for family sailing in Croatia

The best time to go is perhaps pre or post summer season. This way you can avoid crowds and really explore what Croatia has to offer. In fact, you can charter a yacht right now for the next season, saving money and choosing a better yacht, with our early season offer. In addition, the weather isn’t as hot and the cruise will be more enjoyable on the calm sea.

Type of yacht for family sailinglagoon-52-2.jpg

Finally, for the yacht type. For a family sailing trip, charter a sailboat or a catamaran. A catamaran offers a bit more stability than a sailboat, as well as more space, but comes at a higher price point. On the other hand a nice sailboat will offer safety and more than enough comfort for you to enjoy your holiday to the max. If you have a big family and a large budget hire a gulet. That way you’ll have a history lesson as early as stepping on your boat.

That’s it for this edition of our blog, if you’re considering taking your family to a charter trip and still have unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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