There is no reason why children shouldn’t join any sailing holiday in Croatia with their parents. So if you decide to take Your children to the sailing adventure You should bear in mind that children will have different aspirations than you. Floating around for many hours may be a great option for You and may give you plenty of time to read your favourite book but most children will expect to have more active holidays!

You can make sailing holiday more interesting for your children by including plenty of swim stops and getting them involved in things around the boat. You should have enough patience to explain Your children how things are working around the boat and let them help You with these aspects.  They will very soon understand how things are functioning around the boat. This will be funny experience for them, less work for you and great entertainment for everyone when mooring up, as junior tells mum and dad (usually in a loud voice) exactly what they’re doing wrong!!

Just one word of warning. Children need supervision. You need enough hands on board to both supervise the children and run the yacht, which sometimes can be a challenge especially when mooring up or if the wind picks up.

You should also consider asking for safety net which needs to be requested at time of booking of booking the boat.

Bear this in mind when choosing your sailing area and route – teenagers like swimming, but shops and exploring a new destination are also exciting options.  The isolated bays may be your dream but may not be what the kids are seeking or find interesting to them.

So if You wish to spend less stressful sailing holidays you should be aware of their wishes and You should choose a sailing itinerary that would be intersting for You and Your kids.

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