You’re 4 clicks away from a yacht charter in Croatia!

So you’ve made up your mind about sailing Croatia this summer? Perfect! You’re in for a treat, especially with!

The next thing to do is to find and charter a yacht that fits your needs. Sure, you can contact us anytime and let us help you with choosing a yacht, an itinerary, and every other aspect of your trip, making a perfect offer. That is something we strongly encourage you to do!

But if you already have a somewhat clear idea of what you want, maybe even a specific boat, and wish to find it yourself you can book online anytime! CharterCroatia offers online booking! …and if it all seems a little confusing don’t worry.  That’s why we’re here! The following simulation will follow a few simple steps and help you with your yacht charter in Croatia!

Insert search information

yacht charter croatia search

So let’s say you just read our blog, or otherwise heard something good about Split so you want to go sailing in the area. You want to hire a sailboat with say 5 cabins for the first week of June. All you have to do is insert all the conditions into the real time search engine located on our homepage! For an even more specific search, you can click on the advanced search link on the search engine or follow this link!

Search results

yacht charter croatia search results


Once you insert the search terms you get all the yachts available in that time period. There are even more options in this phase so You can very easily completely personalize the search results to your wishes.  The search results provide a short preview of the most important yacht information, such as yacht type, year of built, number of cabins, berths, yacht base and of course the price of the yacht!

Detailed yacht description

charter yacht description

By clicking on the green booking button, you are guided to a more detailed yacht description where you can find additional information needed to choose a yacht. This is a great time to remind You to contact us any time with any questions, and let us provide detailed info about a yacht.

Booking a yacht online

book a yacht

When you finally found a perfect yacht, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll find a client info form. Fill in your information and choose between one of the three options:

Send offer: by clicking this button you’ll get an informal offer on the yacht, without a reservation, only an offer

Open option: if you’re not yet sure if you want to commit to booking a yacht,  You can click this button. This way you will open an option on that yacht (reserve it) for a limited time in which you can make a final decision.

Direct booking: If you’re sure about booking a boat now, click direct booking and hire a yacht online. You’ll get a mail with a booking confirmation with a description of the payment dynamic. 50 % of the price is to be payed in the 3 days after the conformation, and the remaining 50 % is to be payed at least a month before the sailing trip.

And that’s it! With a few simple clicks, and a little effort you can have a perfect yacht for a perfect sailing holiday in Croatia. We are always available for any questions and additional info you may need.

Have a perfect  time sailing the Adriatic with!

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