According to the charter contract the official embarkation time for the majority of charter companies in Croatia is from 17.00 while disembarkation should be on the next Satrday until 08.00 or 09.00 in the morning. Many charter companies will give their best to prepare a boat even earlier if you had informed them before that You will be coming in the marina before 17.00. This comes partly from a wish to please their guests and partly because clients wandering around the marina while technical staff is still working on the boat may be really frustrating experience.

If you expect to arrive after the usual check in time at 17.00 most charter companies will ask for your  flight details or approximate arrival time if You will be coming by car and most of the companies will wait up the guests who had announced in advance to arrive late, or those whose flights are delayed.

How long the staff of the charter companies will wait varies and often the smaller companies are better at this than the  big ones. Some companies would greet clients and help them aboard no matter what time of the evening or night they arrived while some companies have the procedure to wellcome all the gusest arriving after 19.00 by a notice board telling them their boat’s name and they were otherwise left to get on with it!

Most companies are less flexible about disembarkation time – there’s a lot to do to prepare boats for the next clients and this can’t start until guests are off the boat.  Many clients decide on their own to return the boat in the marina only on Saturday at 09.00 forgetting that they need to check out before getting off the boat and that is the reason why some companies now write in to the contract that you must bring the boat back on Friday afternoon to have enough time for check out.

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