Split sailing 

There are a few truly amazing experiences in life, available only if you look in the right places. Split sailing and sailing Dalmatia in general are among the few! Central Dalmatia is the region you’re most likely to think about when somebody mentions Croatia. Clear blue sea, and numerous beautiful islands with a great tradition in nautical tourism. Brac, Hvar, Solta, Vis, Bisevo, all of these tongue twisters for anyone who’s not from Croatia, are the names of famous Croatian islands, all of which are located in Central Dalmatia, and the Split sailing Region!  Split – Split sailing route is a great choice for your sailing holiday, as you can visit all of the islands mentioned above, and enjoy the many things they have to offer.  We also chose the perfect yacht for the trip, Dufour 460 GL!

Dufour 460 GL

dufour 460

Dufour 460 GL is a 4 cabin sailboat, you can hire as a bareboat or crewed charter. This 14 meter long and 4,5 meter wide yacht offers enough of everything to fully enjoy sailing Split area.  With a large, flat deck you can use for sunbathing in the Dalmatian sun, and a huge cockpit with plenty of relaxing area that opens to a swim platform at the stern, the exterior is made for Split sailing! A spacious and well-lit interior, with comfortable cabins will make your stay perfect!

So now that We’ve described Dalmatia, and the sailboat, let’s see what the route has to offer…. Split-Split (A) is a 7 day round route that starts from Split, sails the Central Dalmatian islands and ends in Split! Here are the places you’ll visit on the way:


Split is the second biggest city in Croatia, and a sort of a capital in the Dalmatian region. Split has a great culture, more than 1700 years of history, a number of spots to visit (Diocletian’s palace, Bacvice beach, the famous waterfront, and many more).  This Dalmatian gem is often described as the most beautiful town in the world, and that kind of reputation already makes it a great place to start your adventure! Split is also home to the world famous Ultra music festival held annually, and is the filming location of the hit series Game of Thrones. Split is described in more detail in our Split destination.

Solta (Maslinica)

Maslinica is a peaceful bay located on the island of Solta. Maslinica is a small island port-town with only 208 inhabitants troughout the year. Outside Maslinica there is a small archipelago of seven islands (Polebrnjak, Saskinja, Stipanska, Kamik, Balkun, Grmej, Sarac) all of them beautiful and perfect to visit. Maslinica’s hotel has a marina that holds 60 boats.


Vis is a Dalmatian island furthest offshore from Split, and Bisevo is a small island just of the coast of Vis. There are two towns you visit in this route on Vis, first one with the same name as the island, on the northern part of the island, and Komiza, a fisherman village on the south of Vis! Both of them are equally beautiful, with a lot of nice beaches and bays you can relax in, anchored with Dufour 460 GL. Bisevo on the other hand is home to a world famous blue cave (blue grotto), and some spectacular high rocks, that are definitely worth a visit!


The sunny island of Hvar, and its largest town of the same name, is perhaps the hotspot of this route! Hvar is a place of great culture, crystal blue sea, and an absolutely amazing nightlife! Its not uncommon to spot celebrities in Hvar, such as Beyonce, Tom Cruise and many other. Hvar is known as the sunniest city in Croatia, so any time is great for a visit,  though its best in the summer. Outside Hvar there is an archipelago of Pakleni islands, with plenty of perfect places  for a visit you can read more about in this article. Hvar has a large Marina, and plenty of spots to drop anchor in the Pakleni area, as well as a common Mistral (Maestral) wind in the summer, again perfect to fill the sails of your Dufour 460 GL rental!


Brac is the highest island in Croatia with its peak (Vidova gora) reaching 780 meters. There are two towns you’ll visit in this route. First there’s Bol, an active party destination on the southern part of the island. Bol is known as a great watersport spot (namely windsurfing), a perfectly shaped natural beach (in the photo) known as golden cape, and its nightlife. Milna, on the other hand is a peaceful bay, you’ll visit on your 6th and last day! Milna is a calm bay, sheltered from the wind on the west side of Brac island. Close to Milna you can visit the small island of Mrduja.

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