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Marinas in Croatia


Marinas in Croatia

There are 56 marinas in Croatia, with 16.000 berths in the sea and 8.500 dry berths on the mainland. There are another 30.000 berths in harbors and ports. Croatian marinas are working permanently to improve and enrich their services, and to adapt to modern needs and wishes of their guests. They are located in large cities, and in the beautiful island coves. Most of them are very close to the  interesting natural and cultural attractions.

Since they are located in protected locations marinas are safe havens for sailors. Marinas in Croatia are also places where, in addition to servicing and maintenance of the boats, you can also find restaurants, bars, toilets, showers, parking and shops! Essentially you can find everything you need in one place!

In addition, all marinas are easily reachable! You can easily get to the marina, no matter if you are coming by car, ferry or even plane. Croatian marinas are very well connected with airports.


ACI Marina Cres

POSITION ACI marina Cres lies in the southern part of Cres harbor, in a long sheltered bay on the western …

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ACI Marina Dubrovnik

ACI marina Dubrovnik lies near Komolac, about 2 NM from the entrance to the port of Gruž and only 6 km from the old city nucleus.

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ACI Marina Jezera

POSITION ACI marina Jezera lies in the southern part of Jezera Bay. ACI marina Jezera is protected by a breakwater …

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ACI Marina Milna

POSITION ACI marina Milna lies in the southeastern part of Milna Bay, facing the town. OPEN All year round BERTHS …

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ACI Marina Opatija

POSITION ACI marina Opatija is situated in Ičići. OPEN All year round BERTHS The marina has 302 berths and 35 …

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ACI Marina Pomer

POSITION ACI marina Pomer lies south of the village of Pomer. OPEN All year round BERTHS The marina has 253 …

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ACI Marina Pula

POSITION ACI marina Pula lies in the southeastern part of the city port. OPEN All year round BERTHS The marina …

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ACI Marina Rovinj

POSITION ACI marina Rovinj lies in the southeastern part of Rovinj harbor, in the vicinity of a small shipyard. It …

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ACI Marina Simuni

POSITION ACI Marina Šimuni lies in the western part of Šimuni Bay in the Maun Channel. OPEN All year round …

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ACI Marina Skradin

POSITION ACI marina Skradin lies in the bay, northwest of the pier in Skradin. Because of the fresh water in …

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ACI Marina Split

POSITION ACI marina Split lies in the southwestern part of the city port, north of the Sustipan Peninsula. The long …

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ACI Marina Trogir

POSITION ACI marina Trogir lies on the northern side of Čiovo Island. Between Trogir bridge and Cape Čubrijan, facing the …

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ACI Marina Umag

POSITION ACI marina Umag lies in the northern part of the harbor, in front of the “Adriatic” Hotel. OPEN All …

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ACI Marina Zut

POSITION ACI marina Žut lies in the Podražanj Cove which is part of the long Žut inlet on the northeastern …

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Marina Admiral

POSITION It lies in the very centre of Opatija, within Admiral Hotel. OPEN All year round BERTHS The marina has …

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Marina Agana

POSITION Marina is placed on the Mid-Dalmatian coast, half way between towns Split and Šibenik. Excellent road conections to nearby …

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marina dalmacija sukosan

Marina Dalmacija Sukosan

ABOUT MARINA An exceptional position, a well indented coast and the vicinity of islands especially the Kornati islands, the largest …

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Marina Frapa

ABOUT MARINA Marina Frapa wears a beauty crown among the Adriatic marinas, and it is certainly one of the most …

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Marina Hramina

POSITION It lies in a well-protected and safe Hramina Cove, in the north-western part of the island of Murter, which …

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Marina Kastela

ABOUT MARINA Marina Kaštela is the newest Croatian marina, situated on South-East shores of Kaštela bay shielded by Kozjak mountain …

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Marina Kornati Biograd

POSITION Marina Šangulin is situated in the center of croatian Adriatic coast, between Zadar and Split, in Biograd n/M (43°56’N …

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Marina Kremik

ABOUT MARINA The Kremik Marina is located in a picturesque bay surronded by hundred year old vineyards that produce the …

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Marina Mali Losinj

POSITION In the port of the City of Mali Lošinj , located on the coordinates 44 32.0’N 14 18.0’E the …

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Marina Mandalina

POSITION Mandalina Marina & Yacht Club is located in the centre of the Croatian Adriatic coast, in the historical town …

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Marina Novigrad

POSITION Marina Nautica is located on the north-western coast of Istria (45o 19,0’ N; 13o 34,0’E), in a naturally deep …

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Marina Orebić

POSITION It is located in Orebic on the Peljeski kanal opposite Korcula. OPEN All year round BERTHS There are 240 …

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Marina Parentium

POSITION Marina Parentium is located in the Zelena Laguna holiday resort, in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel Parentium, 6 …

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Marina Podgora

POSITION It is located southeast of Makarska on the mainland. OPEN All year round BERTHS There are 220 berths. The …

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Marina Poreč

POSITION It lies in the northern part of the city port of Poreč, which forms the whole with the old …

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Marina Punat

POSITION It lies in the western part of the island of Krk – in a naturally well-protected bay of a …

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Marina Tucepi

ABOUT MARINA Marina Tucepi allows boaters docking at a modern commercial port with 50 berths for yachts and 150 berths …

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Marina Valalta

POSITION Marina Valalta is located in Sveti Feliks cove and is part of the Valalta nudist center. OPEN The marina …

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Marina Veruda

POSITION It lies next to Pula. It is protected from all winds. For protection of environment the marina has been …

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Marina Vrsar

POSITION The Marina Vrsar is situated on the west coast of Istria in the immediate vicinity of the Limski channel. …

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