“Pakleni or Paklinski Islands”, are a group of small islands located in the Pakleni channel. They are situated only a few 100 meters outside the city of Hvar, a world known luxury tourist destination on the island of the same name. Pakleni, a limestone paradise, are named after a type of pine resin, traditionally used in boat building.

In the summertime chartering a yacht and sailing Pakleni is the perfect way to spend your Croatian holiday!

The islands are a Croatian “nature monument”, uninhabited most of the year, while a popular tourist destination in the summer. Their position and placement, as a dense little archipelago with narrow passage between the islands, open to the south and “Jugo” wind make them unsafe to sail in southern wind conditions. However, in the summer time, with the abundance of thermal, northwestern/western winds, Pakleni are safe and accessible.

Vinogradisce (Palmizana)


Vinogradisce is a wide bay located on the largest island in the Pakleni Group, St. Clement. The beautiful sandy bay is a surrounded by a forest of pine, rosemary, and other Dalmatian trees and bushes, as on all other Pakleni Islands. There are several restaurants and accommodation objects close to the bay.  You can eat oysters directly from the sea, or stay at the beautiful villa Meneghello. Vinogradisce is open to the south.

On the opposite side of the island, lies Palmizana, a safer bay (open to the northern side) with a Marina capable of holding 160 berths.


Stipanska is a bay on a southern part of the Marinkovac Island. On the other side of the island is Zdrilica, so you can anchor on either side depending on the conditions. This beautiful bay is home to the famous Carpe Diem Beach bar, organizing day and night beach parties.

 At day time Stipanska has a restaurant, and a number of organized activities, such as volleyball and a snorkeling course.


Vlaka is a bay located on the St. Clement Island, and a traditional tourist spot, with several restaurants nearby.  There is a 14. Century church on the island dedicated to St. Clement. On the day of its patron saint, in the last week of July, there is a celebration in Vlaka, and that’s the best time to visit.

Situated on the oposote side(southern) of Vlaka, is a beautiful Soline beach.

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