About Croatia

Bavaria 42 HT

… barca a motore per noleggio in Croazia

La barca e’ disponibile da marina: Split, Trogir.

The Bavaria 42 HT, is a grand, beautiful yacht available for charter in Croatia. At over 13 meters, this luxury motor-yacht offers enough room to fit two spacious and comfortable private cabins with ensuites. This kind of layout perfectly suits your family and guests, and offers a perfect way to spend your ideal holiday, in a luxurious, comfortable room onboard a yacht! Rooms are generously lit, naturally, with the help of the giant top hatch-windows.

The outside wastes minimum space, with a completely open bow where you can sunbathe, a spacious cockpit, and an extended platform on the stern allowing easy access to the water any time you’d like to take a swim. The dinghy is stored in a special compartment easy to take at wish, and absolutely perfect for exploring the coastline in more detail, when on anchor.