About Croatia

Dufour 382 Grand Large

…a sailboat for charter in Croatia.

The boat is available in marina: Split, Trogir, Sibenik, Zadar, Sukosan, Dubrovnik, Pula, Biograd, Murter.

Dufour 382 Grand Large is a Dufour sailboat for 2016! This boat is available for crewed, skippered, or bareboat charter in Croatia. This absolutely stunning sailboat is built with a keen eye for design! The first thing you might notice are the big windows on the side of the boat that allow great amounts of sunlight inside during the daytime. This makes for a well lit interior, adding to the feeling of openness with the use of light colored natural materials of the highest quality!

The 382 is basically an upgrade of the 380, making it a bit larger, with added space to the cockpit that helps easier, more comfortable sailing. The little bit of added length makes for more space as well as faster sailing. Especial attention was given to making the sailboat more ergonomic, and user friendly, making the position of ship components such as sofas, tables, and even benches on the outside more natural and on hand at all times. Stability is also improved on the new sailboat by better weight distribution making the sailing experience perfect!