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Bavaria 55 Cruiser

Bavaria 55 Cruiser…a sailboat for rent in Croatia.

The boat is available in marina: Split, Trogir, Sibenik, Zadar, Sukosan, Dubrovnik, Pula, Biograd, Murter.

Bavaria 55 Cruiser is a modern spacious yacht perfectly made to be in sync with the sea! Its impressive interior space and exterior allow for a comfortable sea living.  At 55 feet, or 16,75 m, this boat from the Bavaria’s cruiser line, holds its size remarkably well, and gives you the best cruising possibilities, as it’s easy to handle, and convenient. The inside of the boat is fully equipped with all the components needed to rest, eat, cook and simply live!

The 55 cruiser has a built in dinghy space, suitable for stowing a large dinghy, or an inflatable tender, so you can get yourself to the shore quickly , even if you are anchored out at sea. Lastly the vast open space on the ship’s deck is made to allow enough space for you to enjoy your holiday to the maximum!