Bareboat Charter Croatia

Bareboat charter Croatia is the most popular type of boat rent. It offers a unique opportunity of creating Your own sailing itinerary, choosing on  the places You’d like to visit. It offers freedom and flexibility of exploring a different bay, harbor, and island each day according to Your own wishes. If you’re an experienced sailor, this may be the perfect option!

However it can be a challenging experience! Bareboat yacht charter refers to renting a boat on Your own. That means sailing without a professional crew available on board.  Instead charterers are responsible of everything.  Charterers take the responsibility for operating the boat,  safety of everyone on board, as well as the proper functioning of all the facilities on board. Chartering a bareboat yacht also means less time to socialize with Your friends and family.  In other words, there’s more things to worry about!

Our offer includes an excellent selection of high quality sailing boats, catamarans and motor boats available for bareboat charter in Croatia. The yachts range from 30′ to 60′ feet including all the well-known brands like Jeanneau, Hanse, Beneteau, Dufour and Bavaria. All the boats available for bareboat charter Croatia are fully equipped for cruising in comfort and have full safety, navigational and domestic equipment. Most of the boats available for  bareboat charter are less than 5 years old and many of them are brand new models in excellent condition.

The most popular vessels for bareboat charter are sailing boats. This is not only because chartering a sailboat is the most affordable option one can get, but also because sailboats are ideal choice for relaxed sailing holidays with Your family. Catamarans are also very popular type of vessels for bareboat charter. Catamarans offer plenty of deck space and a large cockpit, ideal for a bareboat charter. Another great catamaran trait for bareboat charter is the ease of handling!

In order to charter a boat without a skipper on board, charterers must possess valid sailing qualifications.  So a skipper is required to have an official sailing license or a certificate issued by a government of state approved organization together with VHF Radio Operator’s License. It is also important that the license a charterer holds is accepted for bareboat charter in Croatia. A list of officially accepted licenses in Croatia can be checked at the website of Croatian Ministry of Sea– (http:/

So If you have enough sailing experience and knowledge, and You posses all the necessary qualifications bareboat charter is a perfect option! Join us and sail the glorious sailing destinations in Croatia! Enjoy the unique experience on board your own bareboat charter!