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sailing areas Croatia

Sailing areas in Croatia

Croatia is one of the favorite charter destinations in the world for many yachtsmen, known also as a sailing paradise. It is famous for its incredible natural beauty, indented coastline, favorable winds and the hospitality of its people. Commonly Croatia is divided into four sailing regions: Kornati area, Split area, Dubrovnik area and Istria and Kvarner area.

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pakleni Islands

Top 3 bays to visit while sailing Pakleni Islands

Pakleni or Paklinski Islands”, are a group of small islands located in the Pakleni channel. They are situated only a few 100 meters outside the city of Hvar, a world known luxury tourist destination on the island of the same name. Pakleni, a limestone paradise, are named after a type of pine resin, traditionally used in boat building. The islands are a Croatian “nature monument”, uninhabited most of the year, while a popular tourist destination in the summer.

Autumn Sailing

Sailing in autumn – yes please!

Croatian coast is beautiful all year round but there is something special to feel around autumn atmosphere on the Croatia coast! It is already well known that autumn in Croatian coast is as beautiful as in the the summer, it not even better… The weather is wonderful and warm, temperatures are around 30 degrees, and the sea is still nice and warm to swimm, the beaches are much less crowded and so are the cities you visit. And the wind…. oh the wind is just perfect for sailing…