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best choice of boats Croatia

The best Choice of boats in Croatia

Croatia is a world famous destination when it comes to nautical tourism! With the biggest choice of boats in Croatia, is the place to go if you’re looking for a boar rent, and sailing in Croatia. Contact us with confidence, and have a time of your life sailing Croatia!

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sailing areas Croatia

Sailing areas in Croatia

Croatia is one of the favorite charter destinations in the world for many yachtsmen, known also as a sailing paradise. It is famous for its incredible natural beauty, indented coastline, favorable winds and the hospitality of its people. Commonly Croatia is divided into four sailing regions: Kornati area, Split area, Dubrovnik area and Istria and Kvarner area.

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sailing croatia

5 things you didn’t know about sailing Croatia

There are a lot of great things you may have heard about Croatia. Perhaps the amazing clear blue of its sea, over a 1000 islands, amazing food, culture, people, and an incredible sailing experience. All of these are true, but there are a lot of things about Croatia you probably didn’t know. In today’s article we give you the top 5 facts about sailing and yacht charter Croatia you probably never knew…

Stari Grad sailing

Stari Grad – 2400 years of sailing!

Stari Grad is a relatively small port town located on the Hvar Island in Croatia, with 2781 (including the surrounding settelments) residents throughout the year.  This large calm bay is perfect for Sailing and yacht charter in Croatia, and the town it self stands for 2400 years as the oldest town in Croatia! Find out more about Stari Grad…

Split sailing route

Split sailing route – 7 days of Dalmatia with Dufour 460 GL

There are a few truly amazing experiences in life, available only if you look in the right places. Split sailing and sailing Dalmatia in general are among the few! Split – Split sailing route is a great choice for your sailing holiday, as you can visit all of the islands mentioned above, and enjoy the many things they have to offer.  We also chose the perfect yacht for the trip, Dufour 460 GL!