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Sailing areas in Croatia

Croatia is one of the favorite charter destinations in the world for many yachtsmen, known also as a sailing paradise. It is famous for its incredible natural beauty, indented coastline, favorable winds and the hospitality of its people. …

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Boat rental – costs

You’ve just made ​​the decision that you want to spend your holidays differently previous years? You have just decided to spend seven unforgettable days enjoying the benefits and beauty of the Croatian coast and try the unique experience of sailing? The first thing You start to think about onc the decision has been made is the price of the charter. Can I afford this?

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Discover bay Skrivena Luka on the island of Lastovo

The bay Skrivena Luka (meaning hidden bay) is a naturally protected harbour and can not be seen from the open sea. This bay is also also known as „Portorus“ and is one of the biggest and the most beautiful bays on the island of Lastovo. Skrivena Luka bay is located on the southern part of the island and is protected from the rough sea and strong winds.


Boarding and disembarking – charter in Croatia

According to the charter contract the official embarkation time for the majority of charter companies in Croatia is from 17.00 while disembarkation should be on the next Satrday until 08.00 or 09.00 in the morning. Many charter companies will give their best to prepare a boat even earlier if you had informed them before that You will be coming in the marina before 17.00.


Children on board the yacht

There is no reason why children shouldn’t join any sailing holiday in Croatia with their parents. So if you decide to take Your children to the sailing adventure You should bear in mind that children will have different aspirations than you. Floating around for many hours may be a great option for You and may give you plenty of time to read your favourite book but most children will expect to have more active holidays!